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Click HERE to Report a Student of Concern

Have you ever experienced a student who exhibits any of these behaviors:

  • Observable distress 
  • Reddened eyes and tear streaked face obvious distress by life events outside the classroom. 
  • Angry and/or threatening behavior
  • Presence or coursework submissions bring discomfort, concern, or even fear
  • Belief that others are out to get him/her 
  • References to self-harm 
  • Disorganized and confused when communicating
  • Bizarre actions

It can be difficult to know what to do when a troubled student is in your classroom or office. The Behavioral Assessment and Response Committee (UNM BARC) is here to help you determine if a behavior intervention or a threat assessment is needed. If you have doubts about a situation or circumstance, we can assist you. 

Examples of student behavior that you may find disturbing, disruptive, or both, are included on this website. You will find the university resources available to assist you on the included chart, should you want a consultation for yourself, or a referral option for a student. 

It is useful to distinguish between student behavior that is disturbing rather than disruptive