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Interventions for Disruptive Behavior

Talk with the student, preferably in the privacy of the faculty or staff member’s office. If you are fearful of violence erupting, ask another colleague, Department Chair, or supervisor to be present. After meeting with the student, inform the student in writing of the behavior that needs to change, a timeline for when the change needs to be made, and delineate the consequences if the change does not occur. Follow through with the consequences if the change does not occur. It is sometimes helpful and/ or necessary to provide the student with a written copy of your requirements and the consequences. Some procedures for intervention in the classroom or offices of the University are: 

  • Verbal request to stop the behavior. 
  • Verbal request to leave. 
  • Call Police at 911 from any campus phone. 
  • Consult the Department Chair about dropping the student from your class. 
  • Consult the Dean of Students Office about possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct. 

Securing a safe environment is always top priority. If you have any questions about immediate safety, call Police at 911 from any phone. 

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