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Policy and Rights

“…The purpose of the University is Education…First Amendment rights…are available to teachers and students…Broad avenues of communication are essential to the orderly functioning of the University…The Faculty individually and collectively must accept a full measure of responsibility for the orderly functioning of the University…” 

Excerpt from UNM Faculty Handbook,  pp. A-3 to A-4 (Edition of 10/1/90) 

“Any member of the University community—student or member of the faculty or staff—is subject to discipline if he or she acts in such a way as to affect adversely the University’s educational function or to disrupt community living on campus. All authorized University activities are deemed to be part of its educational function. No member of the community has a right to interfere with another in the pursuit of an education or in the conduct of University duties and responsibilities…” 

Excerpt from “Rights and Responsibilities at The University of New Mexico,” UNM Faculty Handbook, pp. A-4 to A-6 (Edition of 10/1/90) 

“…Classroom Conduct. The classroom instructor is responsible for all classroom conduct, behavior and discipline. University policy permits only enrolled students, persons authorized by the instructor, and administrative personnel to be admitted to instructional areas during scheduled periods. University policy and New Mexico state law also prohibit all forms of disruptive or obstructive behavior in academic areas or any actions which would disrupt scheduled academic activity…Any person or persons in unauthorized attendance or causing a disturbance during scheduled academic activity shall be identified by the instructor and asked to leave. Persons refusing such a request may be removed by the University Police and are liable to legal prosecution…” 

Excerpt from “Academic Rights and Responsibilities of Students,” UNM Faculty Handbook, pp. F-2 to F-4 (Edition of 10/1/90)